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Safety is our first priority and that’s why we provide helmets for both drivers and passengers. As it's the law to wear a helmet in Thailand, we recommend wearing them at all times when driving. We have good quality helmets in all sizes, including for kids.

Regular Maintenance

All our bikes are maintained regularly - every 2,000 km, 5,000 km plus a full annual service - to ensure our customers have a smooth ride. We have our own mechanic, Pee Aung. Be sure to say hello to him!

Map & Traffic Rules

If you haven't picked one up already, we'll give you a free Koh Tao map. We'll show you places to go to and provide you with an Info, Traffic Rules & Hazards leaflet to make you aware of the rules of driving on Koh Tao and how to avoid accidents so you can explore our beautiful island of Koh Tao in a safe and informed way.

Info, Traffic Rules & Hazards to be aware of

  1. Always drive on the left side of the road.
  2. Be careful with side roads and crossings - most local people turn into the main road without checking for oncoming traffic.
  3. Taxi drivers always have right of way; be careful as they sometimes drive fast!
  4. On a traffic crossing, don’t assume normal rights of way. Watch the other drivers, as generally there are no rules here!
  5. Wearing a helmet is mandatory by law! There is no proper hospital on the island, so always wear your helmet.
  6. Drive slowly and watch out for other vehicles, cats, dogs etc.
  7. Don’t drink and drive.
  8. Don’t use the front brake on sand. If you do so and slip, let go of the brake and apply the brake again after the sand.
  9. Watch out for holes in the road and speed bumps as they can catch you unaware.
  10. Check your fuel frequently so you don’t run out. There are 3 fuel stations on the island. There's a minimum spend of 50 Baht. You can buy fuel bottles outside shops, but they are more expensive.
  11. Don’t accelerate when you start the engine.
  12. If you drive up a steep road with 2 people and you can’t go any further, stop immediately and let the passenger jump off. If you don't do this, you'll roll backwards and fall down.
  13. The passenger shouldn’t move too much or make any sudden movements, and should sit close to the driver. This makes it much easier for the driver to control the bike.
  14. Drive with a bit speed into a steep road, especially with 2 people on the bike, to help you make it up the hill.
  15. Don’t drive to Mango Bay or Laem Thian Bay - the roads are in really bad condition.
  16. Save Koh Tao! Don’t throw any rubbish on the ground or on the beaches, including cigarette butts. Take it back to your resort/villa.
  17. Please say no to plastic bags at all shops. Feel free to borrow a reusable shopping bag from us instead!
  18. Emergency Number: Rescue Koh Tao +66 (0) 879790191, Police Station: 191 or +66 (0) 77 456 098, Tourist Police 1155 or +66 (0) 77 430 018.
  19. If you have any problems call the shop on +66 (0) 983578178.
  20. Our bike rental customers can also hire snorkel gear from us for only 70 Baht (instead of our standard rate of 100 Baht for each set).
  21. Thank you for your custom at Oli’s Motorbike Rentals! We hope you enjoyed your experience and would appreciate your positive feedback on TripAdvisor/Google, My Business etc. If you're writing a review about your hotel, please help us by adding a little comment about us too!

Keeping Our Bikes Clean

We try to wash our bikes regularly so they're clean and shiny for each customer, but sometimes we're so busy that the bikes come back and go directly out again. For this inconvenience, we apologise.

Motorbike T-Shirts

We sell T-Shirts in different sizes and colours for 200 Baht each.

Discounted Snorkel Gear

For our customers, we have good quality rental snorkel gear for 70 Baht for 24 hours, instead of our standard rate of 100 baht for 24 hours. We provide silicone masks and flexible snorkels with purge valve. We'll even give you a free Koh Tao map and information about the best snorkelling spots!

Reusable Shopping Bag

Save Koh Tao from plastic waste and reduce your plastic footprint!

Please say no to plastic bags at all shops. Many shops don’t provide plastic bags anymore, even the 7/11 shops. Feel free to borrow a reusable shopping bag from us for the time you're renting a bike from Oli’s Motorbike Rentals.
  • If you love our reusable bag and want to keep it, you can buy it for 250 Baht (per bag).
  • If you accidently lose it, sorry, we'll have to charge you 250 Baht.