Rental Insurance

We offer 2 levels of optional protection cover on top of the rental charge, depending on your budget, this cover should not be seen as a replacement for comprehensive travel / personal insurance:

Scratch Coverage: for an additional 100 Baht per day, Scratch Coverage means if you fall down you don’t have to pay for scratched panels. You will, however, still be responsible for damaged or broken parts and anything that’s twisted or bent on the motorbike or bicycle.

Full Bike Coverage: for an additional 200 Baht per day, Full Bike Coverage means anything that is scratched or damaged on your motorbike or bicycle is covered, including flat tyres which are a common fact of life here on Koh Tao. Although the majority of the roads are now paved, there are still potholes, stones and other debris on the roads that can cause flat tyres.

Please note both cover options are for your rental bike from Oli’s Motorbike Rentals only, and not for scratches or damage you may cause to yourself, other motorbikes, bicycles, vehicles, buildings, people etc. They are not full insurance cover. Please ensure your travel / personal insurance covers you for motorbike rentals.